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We have just come off a political season jam-packed with incessant news commentary, political rallies, TV/radio commercials, and mail-outs.

In the times’ political climate, I think it bears re-visiting seventh-grade social studies to see what these few particularly important words from days gone by could mean for us today.

Our state motto, “It grows as it goes,” has a fascinating history, as do most states’ mottos. Many are derived from Latin, Greek, Hawaiian language and some are simply English. What I found interesting were the stories behind why they were chosen, what motivated the decision-makers of the times, and just how and if they are still relevant to our times now.

As a life coach of Passion Driven Living, the first session with a new client consists of distilling down what actually motivates them, what makes their heart sing, and just what will they stand for when the world can be so challenging. I have a new-found commitment to choosing my words carefully and considerately after researching state mottos.

I realized states were actually “coaching” their citizens to be good partners and citizens in helping their state grow and be successful. Additionally, they were inspired to be good stewards of their land and resources. It occurred to me that we might glean some valuable life skills from their purposefully chosen words.

Our New Mexico motto seems simplistic but is especially inspiring when I dig a bit deeper. After I got out of my pre-disposed idea that I already knew what it meant, its real meaning for me surfaced. “It Grows as It Goes” for me means that as I go through challenging times (as we all have this past year) by showing patience, by not making quick assumptions, by not taking things personally, and most of all, by giving up my desire to be right, I instead get to be content and joyful. Simply, I grow as I go…

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Article written by Debbie Nix and originally published in Focus Regional 2020 Winter edition.

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