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Making a Difference


Here is a news flash for you. God is way more interested in changing your attitude than changing the circumstances around you. You would like God to take away all your problems, pain, suffering, worry, sickness, and grief. But what God wants is to work on you first, because a true change won’t happen in your life until you renew your mind, and your thoughts begin to change.

I say it is like lifting weights. You don’t get any stronger if you don’t keep increasing the weight. Or in running. Your endurance doesn’t get better if you don’t go longer distances or increase your speed. You have to invest in it. You have to want to grow in strength and fitness. It doesn’t just happen.

Our hard times are opportunities to grow as Christians. To grow our faith. Now, don’t misunderstand me. God does not send trouble into our lives. He does not send temptations. He does not send difficulties into our lives. But He does allow them at times in order for us to learn to depend on Him. This is how we learn the depth of His love for us. We are not expected to be ridiculously joyful when hard times come, but we should look at those times as times to rest in God and in His grace and goodness.

In Proverbs 4:23, it says, “Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.” This is so true. Coaches know this. If you think you are beaten, you will be beaten. If we let our thoughts gain control of our lives, we will soon spiral downward into a pit of depression and sadness. But if we allow thoughts of God and His mercy and grace control our minds, we will live a life of peace. 

No one ever said the Christian life is a life free of problems and trials. But what is true is that when we allow God to take control of our mind and our attitude, we can live in peace, in spite of what is swirling around us. When others see us continuing to grow and show peace in our lives even when life is not all we really wanted it to be, we are showing the world our Savior. We are showing the world the peace that is available to all through Him.

Start today allowing God to gain control of your mind and your heart. Ask Him to strengthen you for the trials that may be headed your way. Let Him hold you close and walk with you and guide you when your life is full of sorrow and pain. Open your hands and give it all to God. Open your mind to God’s way of thinking. It will make a difference!

By: Gina Casswell Kelly

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