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Making a Difference


By Gina Caswell Kelly

“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. He determines the number of the stars and calls them each by name. Great is our Lord and mighty in power; His understanding has no limit.” Psalm 147:3-5

There is so much in this great verse that speaks to our hearts in many, many ways. This is such a wonderful description of the Father. When our hearts are broken, we need to know someone is there. That someone is our gracious Father in heaven. I love that he uses “binds their wounds” after talking about a broken heart. What the writer, who is presumed to be David, is saying is that God will mend that broken heart. Whether it needs a bandaid or surgery, God is capable of healing that heart that is hurting. There is no pain in our life that God does not care about it and wants to make better. We just have to be willing to let Him have our pains and our hurts and accept His offer of healing. Sometimes, that is the hard part. We want to hang on and be in control. But if we want true healing, we have to open our hands and give it to Him.

Look back at the verse. See how quickly the writer goes from this very personal God who loves us so much that He will heal our hurting hearts to this great powerful God that absolutely determines the number of stars in the sky! What power! What greatness! But look at the gentleness that follows. He names the stars and calls them by name! What a gentle and all-powerful Father! David goes on and recognizes the greatness and the power of God.

You can sense that David is just becoming overwhelmed by his thoughts on God when he states, “His understanding has no limit.” Oh my goodness! It just makes you want to shout to think about this wonderful loving Father who made the stars and has such power, but yet He stops to heal your broken heart and calls the stars by name all at the same time!

Is there anyone like God? Absolutely not! Our world tries to replace Him with different things and we try to explain away His power by giving credit to different things. But, the truth is and always will be that there is none like God. The God of the heavens. The God of all the earth and the God of my heart and yours.

But hear this, it is not enough to believe in God and in His mighty power. You have to intentionally come to the point of accepting His free gift of salvation by inviting His Son Jesus to live in your heart. I mean even the devil believes in God! But, it is the relationship with the Son that gives you the saving grace that will last through all eternity.

Oh, the vastness of, and yet the closeness of, this One we get to call Father! The love of the One who created all things around us yet has time to listen when we cry out! It is the precious love of this Father who gifted us with His Son that makes the difference!

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