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NM Wildlife Federation Goals for 2022

The year 2021 presented both challenges to overcome and new opportunities to tackle. With 2021 in the rear-view mirror, New Mexico Wildlife Federation would like to focus on what’s to come. Today we would like to share with you our goals for 2022 and ask for your help to achieve them.
1) Pass the Recovering America’s WildlifeAct [RAWA]. This bill will transform wildlifemanagement in New Mexico and across the country. Currently, the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish operates on an annual budget of about $47 million. Passing RAWA will bring the annual budget up to about $84 million. This near-doubling of the annual budget will provide the department with the necessary resources and additional staff to manage the wildlifein our state most effectively.  
2) Achieving Wild and Scenic Rivers designation for the greater Gila River and its tributaries. This key protection ensures that over 400 miles of waterways in the Gila region will remain pristine for future generations. Congressional Wild and Scenic protection will provide security that these exceptional riparian landscapes will continue to support wildlife while also preserving these priceless areas for everyone who values wild places, including hunters and anglers.
3) Increasing resident opportunity as it relates to the allocation of big game hunting tags in New Mexico. The wildlife in New Mexico belongs equally to all residents of the state and should be managed by the state for the benefit of those residents. 
This advocacy would not be possible without your support. We thank you and look forward to doing more next year. 
There are only a few days left to make your annual donation. Please donate on our website by midnight on December 31, 2020.
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