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The Work of Artist Kirsten Mauritsen

Spunky and fun-loving Artesia native, Kirsten Mauritsen, displayed a gallery exhibit at the Ocotillo Performing Arts Center (OPAC) during the month of October.

Mauritsen graduated from McMurry University with a degree in English and minors in both art and history. She is currently taking on odd jobs and crafting furniture to pay the bills. During the previous year, she stayed busy during the pandemic building custom furniture such as tables, shelves, coffee bars, and benches. When she was not building, she created works of art. Her exhibition at the OPAC is the result of her creative outlet during the 2020-2021 years with a few pieces from earlier years that needed the spark of a gallery deadline to get them matted and framed. Aside from the student exhibition she contributed to in college, this is her debut exhibition! Congratulations! Her exhibit has three main types of media: geometric wood pieces, paintings, and charcoal drawings. She finds herself gravitating toward natural forms and landscapes. Her work is playful by nature.
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For her wooden wall art, she cut many different sizes of right-angle triangles with her trusty miter saw from scrap lumber, in this case, fence boards. She stained or painted each triangle and then, assembled them into larger squares. To many, these pieces resemble quilter’s blocks. These geometric designs are a wonderful representation of math at work in art. Early in the project, Mauritsen measured triangle legs and calculated the hypotenuse of each triangle so the pieces would fit together tightly.

Her paintings and drawings are landscapes or feature natural elements. The landscape paintings take a playful twist on audience expectations because they are based off satellite images of the land below. Mauritsen focuses on making abstract views of the contours of the surrounding hills and dusty oil field roads.

When she is not building or creating, Mauritsen can be found reading, writing, doing a bit of travelling, and staying active in her church, Catalyst.

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Article originally published in Focus Regional 2021 Winter edition.

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