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Focus Carlsbad Fall 2021 | Cheer Champs


Head Spirit Coach – Cheri Young

Assistant Dance Team Coach – Sara Edminsten

Varsity & JV Cheer Coach – Sariah Hernandez

Reppin’ blue and white in a major way, you see them often on the field and on the court.


They’re tumbling in mid air to put on a sideline show and cheering the loudest, but how well do you know the Carlsbad High School Spirit Squad? Read up about this fantastic group of young women who lift up one another both literally and figuratively.


What was the State Cheer and Dance competition experience like this year? How did both teams place?

After a crazy year of online learning and limited practices due to COVID, the Carlsbad High School dance and cheer teams competed at the state competition in Albuquerque on May 14th and 15th. Cheer placed 6th out of fifteen teams and Dance placed 3rd out of eighteen teams.

How many teammates are on the Spirit Squad?

This year, we have seventeen girls on the Varsity cheer team, twelve girls on the JV cheer team, fourteen girls on the dance team, and a mascot. We also have four squad members who are on both the cheer team and the dance team.

What are the most challenging aspects of cheer and dance competitions and performances?

The most challenging aspect is the hours of practice preparing and leading up to the performances and competitions. It’s all worth it in the end, but it can be pretty taxing, especially juggling schoolwork and outside activities. Many of our dancers and cheerleaders are active in dance, cheer, and tumbling outside of the school setting and also take AP and honors level classes.

What are the squad’s favorite activities to do as a team?

The squad really loves traveling to out-of-town games. The bonding that happens is fun! We also enjoy team dinners and parties such as the annual Christmas party and post-performance gatherings.


Are there any favorite stunts, cheers, or dances?

The teams just really love to perform and show off all of our skills and talents. We also have some great tumblers who love to showcase their skills.

How do you become a part of the cheer and dance teams?

Tryouts are held in April or May. The tryouts are announced at both the high school and the junior highs. Prospective candidates fill out informational packets and get a physical. We send candidates videos to learn choreography, cheers/chants, and any skills needed to be on the team. Then we hold clinics where the material is reviewed.

What does the team like about Carlsbad the most?

Our team appreciates the community support and spirit. Everyone in Carlsbad rallies around the Cavemen and Cavegirls.


Cheer Team Seniors

Adreanna Sedillo: Headed to cosmetology school in Dallas

Nayomi Rios: Working on Texas Tech for dentistry

Natalee Fine: Will study to be a registered nurse

Lexi Carter: Plans to be a lawyer

Sadie Simmons: Going to pursue medical school

Rylee Leivo: Not quite sure what next year will hold

Advice to upcoming cheerleaders: “Smile all the time (you’ll have to for games and competitions). Make the best of every situation and love what you’re doing.”

Favorite memories: Chasing off a bat in the cavegirl gymnasium and falling during shoulder sits.


Dance Team Seniors

Hannah Brown: Looking forward to majoring in business

Sara Weems: Off to NMSU in Las Cruces to study business

Marley Suggs: Headed to Texas Tech to cheer

Advice to upcoming dancers: “Treat each other like sisters. Have fun! Enjoy!”

Favorite memories: The bus ride to dance camp in Colorado. The rolling suitcase and the broken toe.

What’s the best part about Carlsbad: The hometown spirit for sports and the local support.

Article originally published in Focus on Carlsbad 2021 Fall edition.

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