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Seven years ago, twin brothers Trustin and Hunter Bratcher (19) hopped on a pair of motorbikes.

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Hooked by the adrenaline rush earned by racing around a mile or so of technical tracks and soaring up to 50 feet in the air, the twins recruited their younger sister Addyson Roberts (14) to the sport. With the recruitment of their sister, the whole family began to support their passion and indulge their interest. Mom, Tonya Bratcher, and dad, Mikey Roberts, have traveled with the siblings across the state and eventually across the nation. “Grammy,” Terry Bratcher, and “Papa,” Darwin Bratcher, began attending racing events and cheering for their grandkids shortly after the trio began competing. The farthest the Bratcher kids have ever traveled to race is Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. The siblings competed in the Amateur National Motocross at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. Loretta Lynn’s is a motocross facility as large as the city of Carlsbad. Trustin placed 9th overall at Nationals, and Hunter placed 11th overall.
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As Trustin, Hunter, and Addyson honed their motocross skills, Grammy and Papa devoted themselves to the siblings’ motocross passion in a big way; they sold their house in the city limits to buy a piece of property just on the outskirts of town. Grammy and Papa’s intent was to build a motocross course for the grandkids and the local motocross community, or “moto family,” as the kids refer to it, to enjoy. CBAD Motocross, the local track, was born.

CBAD Motocross is the home of Twins Racing (Trustin and Hunter) and of Fat Kidz Racing (Addyson). Once a month on a Saturday, the family hosts races from 10 am and until 2 pm. The youngest race class is for four-year-olds, and the oldest class reaches up to 60 years of age. The siblings encourage everyone to come out, watch, and support the races or participate in them. Trustin assures, “You learn [the sport] by doing and learn more as you go.” Hunter adds, “Motocross brings families closer together. It’s a great way to spend a weekend.”

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In a few weeks, the twin brothers will ride off to the Universal Technical Institute in Dallas to become diesel and auto mechanics. They plan to participate in the many motocross tracks in the Dallas area when they are not in class. Addyson will hold down the home base without her brothers at CBAD Motocross. She wants other female motocross riders to heed her advice and, “don’t let the boys tell you what you can and cannot do.”

Article written by Kaity Hirst and originally published in Focus on Carlsbad 2021 Fall edition.
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