Rock on NM: Painted rocks with local Lindsay Waugh


Fun loving and energetic Artesia Arts Council employee Lindsay Waugh painted 100 rocks in 2019. In 2020 she painted that number again while accepting some commissioned pieces for decoration. She’s a painted rock artist who hides her work around the region for community members to find and rehide in new places. Her painted rock hashtag is #wawa. Catch her work around Artesia and in the regional Facebook groups: Tex New Mex Rocks, Painted Rocks!!! and Rock On New Mexico. 

The best part about being a painted rock artist, according to Lindsay, is the perpetual Easter egg feel of the hobby; you never know where your work might turn up or who might post them. Lindsay enjoys the positivity, the joy, and the random acts of kindness that the rocks bring to the community. 

Her best advice about painting rocks is to ensure that the rock selected to paint has a smooth surface and that a clear coat is used such as Rustoleum or modge podge. 

Fun Fact: The largest painted rock she’s ever done was 8 inches tall and 11 inches wide. 

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