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Focus Artesia Summer 2021 | Artesia Chamber Director’s Note


Artesia Chamber of Commerce is ready to roll!

We move forward into the summer with very cautious optimism that in July, we will be granted the freedom to plan summer and fall events and gatherings. We are ready and anxious to get started on bringing the community back together and we hope you are too.

The COVID pandemic has taken its toll. After more than a year of shutdowns, limited ability to do business, separation from friends, no community activities, and even loss of some friends, many of us are emotionally tired and maybe even a little cynical. Will things ever get back to normal? Will the rules change again? Is herd immunity really a thing?

We are choosing to believe the path is clearing and we are planning a return to normal is ahead of us. But, it will take all of us. We, as a community, need to believe in our community. We need to return to our schools. We need to volunteer and help rebuild the things that make Artesia awesome. We need to take advantage of the opportunities before us to gather again as a community. Doing that makes everything we do better.

Keep an eye out for events and activities that may be coming up later in the year. Join us every time you can to enjoy what Artesia has to offer and enjoy the community the way it is meant to be … with people together getting to know each other and making things happen.

We’ll see you soon in the greatest town around!

Hayley Klein
Executive Director, Artesia Chamber of Commerce

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Letter originally published in Focus on Artesia 2021 Summer edition.

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