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Making a Difference


I was thinking recently about how our culture has changed. Or, I should say, how we have allowed it to change. I was thinking about how what was once so wrong, is now being called right. And those who want to stand for what is right, what God calls right, are made out to be full of hate, or intolerant and any other negative word you can think of. It occurred to me that what our world is looking for is a “Play-Dough Jesus.”

A “Play-Dough Jesus” is a Jesus that you just mold into what you want him to be. If there is a behavior that is attractive to you, but seen as wrong by God’s standards, you just come up with a platitude about how “if Jesus was here, He would love this person or that.” Or “I thought Christians were supposed to be full of love, and yet what I see is hate.”

And, it is very true that if Jesus were walking among us, He would love each one of us. That never changes. And He does expect His children to show Christian love to everyone, in spite of what behaviors they may be engaging in.

Let me say right now, my purpose is not offend anyone. But my purpose is to get you to see that you can’t just make up your own mind on what is right and what is not. God did that for us. This “Play-Dough Jesus” that you are trying to mold around to justify your behavior, simply does not exist.

I need to issue another statement here. Don’t just sit there piously thinking you know of which behaviors I am speaking. What I am talking about is the sin in each of our lives that we want to hang onto and we want to justify by thinking, “At least I am not doing what those people are doing. My sin is not nearly as bad.” I have news for you. Sin is pretty much sin. The very behavior you justify in your own life, is just as bad as that sin you find so abhorrent in someone else’s life.

Granted, there are certain behaviors that are truly taking center stage these days, and to a degree it seems are being forced on us. But we don’t ever need to lose sight of the sins in our own lives each day, as we stand in total disgust of the behaviors of others. Isn’t it true that we are not supposed be judging others at all? But, isn’t it also true that we do need to take a stand for what God calls right? It is a hard line to walk, for sure.

I think, right off the bat, we need to lose this idea of the “Play-Dough Jesus.” We need to lose the idea that any behavior that God calls wrong, we can justify in our own lives. Then, we need to learn to look with eyes of love at the world around us. Certainly, we need to call sin a sin, but we need to also have love in our hearts for each other as we pray for our world in which we live. We need to always be welcoming and loving to everyone, all the while praying desperately that God will change their hearts. We cannot change anyone’s heart. That is God’s responsibility.

We need to show the world Christians full of love and Christians who are intentional in their walk with God. We have to show the world the person that God made us to be, before we can ever begin to think about changing the world around us. We have to have hearts like His. We have to have eyes like His. We have to see the world as He sees it, if we ever truly want to make a difference.

Get rid of the idea of molding some “Play-Dough Jesus” around your behaviors, and instead mold your behavior around Him. The Savior who never changes. He is our guide. He is our Father. He is the very One who sees deep into your soul. He knows your heart, possibly even better than you.

Be intentional and strong in following Him! Follow the One who does not change with what is going on in the world. It will make a difference!

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