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Update from Mayor Dale Janway

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Yesterday, Lifehouse announced that the Avalon program is opening. This program is a 28-day residential substance use treatment program for mothers with children. Mothers will be able to bring up to two children under the age of ten. The program will offer therapy for both the mothers and the children.

This program is similar to the Crossroads Program, which operated out of Happy Valley several years ago before having to close its doors. One of the primary goals of a city-wide behavioral health task force, formed several years ago, was restoration of this effort. Jeff Diamond chaired this effort, with Woods Houghton later assuming chairman duties. Dan Banks, Carolyn Banks, Eddie Sanchez, Beverly Allen, Billy Massengill, Mark Cage, Donna French and Richard Stephens currently serve on the board. Several years ago, Rep. Cathrynn Brown and Sen. Gay Kernan acquired capital outlay funding for the facility. Our Deputy Administrator, KC Cass, played a vital role in the construction effort. We looked at several different locations around town, but the final location on Mesquite Street is ideal. 

The arrival of Lifehouse, through Philip Huston, Kim Rogers, Dave Rogers and others, is what finally brought all the pieces of the puzzle together. Lifehouse is running the Avalon Program and is looking for charitable donations to help sponsor rooms. The Crossroads model is very effective at providing women with an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves, and it allows them to continue to provide care to young children.  The restoration of this program will make a difference in the lives of women and children. 

Bed space for the Avalon program is available immediately. To schedule a screening or for questions regarding the Avalon program call 575-725-5552, ext. 2. 

We’ve been made aware of another scholarship opportunity, this one through the American Legion. The Norman E. Harpole American Legion Post 61 Scholarship Program is for those who are U.S. Armed Forces veterans or the spouse or descendant of an Armed Force veteran. The application process includes a brief essay on the Constitution. For more information, please visit Scholarships are due by Jan. 18 and Eddy County residents are eligible. Thank you to Dagmar Youngberg for calling this to our attention. 

The City of Carlsbad is once again taking reservations for the Walter Gerrells Performing Arts and Exhibition Center. We’re planning some improvements to the center, but we know members of the community are eager to have more options for events. For more information, please contact Community Development at (575) 887-1191 ext. 7963 or email


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