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Focus Carlsbad Spring 2021 | Carlsbad MainStreet

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The Collections All Around Us

Collections are all around us. These collections can be a group of people or things that make up our lives. Carlsbad MainStreet is made up of multiple collections…of personalities making up the Board of Directors, of city and county relationships that help MainStreet fulfill its purpose, of history-making Carlsbad what it is today, of our unique retail and service businesses and the restaurants that appeal to all tastes.

The MainStreet Board of Directors is a group of professionals that are not only representatives of the businesses that make up Carlsbad’s economy but they are community members that love Carlsbad. With their amazing talents and ideas, this collection of individuals support the merchants and hold events that add so much joy to Carlsbad and its visitors.

The city and county are huge assets to the Carlsbad community. These officials and their desire to make Carlsbad a great place to live are what provide MainStreet the ability to revitalize our district and make downtown Carlsbad a lively place where people can shop, eat, and find entertainment.

If you have not had the opportunity to visit the district, you are missing out! There is something here for everyone. The merchants are entrepreneurs that have built a unique and vibrant downtown. When you visit, make time to speak with the business owners. The knowledge and stories they have to share will not only entertain but will give the opportunity to learn about them. Let’s support our homegrown businesses! Each store has its own charm; there is something for everyone downtown. If you have not been, check out the ‘You’ve Been Clubbed’ store. Carlsbad MainStreet and the Chamber of Commerce have created a promotion to support local businesses. Visit the Facebook page of ‘You’ve Been Clubbed’ to find out which businesses are participating. Each business will have a few questions unique to their store so that they can put together the perfect mystery box for you, your loved ones, or friends!

Carlsbad’s restaurants appeal to all. A fancy night out, a visit with friends… downtown has the perfect setting for you. If you are looking for a variety of food options, they have it. From chicken cordon bleu to handmade tamales, our collections of restaurants are the perfect places to visit.

MainStreet holds events that bring the community and visitors together in the heart of the city. These events include CavernFest, Carlsbad Downtown Farmers Market, Fall Festival, Heritage Fest, Small Business Saturday, Progressive Dinner, the Electric Light Parade, and Night of Lights. We are excited to announce our newest event, ‘Carlsbad Heritage Walks,’ brought to you by Carlsbad MainStreet and Pearl of the Pecos Arts and Culture District. Carlsbad is enriched with history and culture and we are excited to share this with our community!

As the new Executive Director, I am blessed to have all these collections from which to grow and learn. I look forward to future projects and relationships I will build with this position. My predecessor, Karla Hamel Niemeier, has done so many great things in the MainStreet district and I look forward to continuing to build MainStreet as the center of adventure.

This pandemic the world is dealing with has changed our ‘normal’ but Carlsbad remains, “Carlsbad Strong.” The love residents have for community is shown every day. MainStreet and I look forward to the future and this community coming together again! Be kind, be safe, and take care of one another!

Ashly Key,
Executive Director, Carlsbad MainStreet Project

Letter by Ashly Key and originally published in Focus on Carlsbad 2021 Spring edition.

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