Focus Artesia Spring 2021 | A Collection of Collections

FoA2021Spring Collection of Collections

A Collection of Houseplants

Plant lady

My collections started after receiving a pothos plant for my birthday one year and the collection really took off during "2020 Quarantine." (At least that's what I blame.) I have about 36 plants and a few propagated plants! I just enjoy filling my house with pretty things and I find that plants are sometimes the cheapest and easiest decor! I've gotten my plants from all over the place but my favorite store to buy plants is Home Depot. I also love going to bigger cities with nurseries to find more exotic plants. I learn new things all the time about the plants I have acquired. Unfortunately, I have killed a few but… that just comes with owning plants.

– Megan Darnell

Collections originally published in Focus on Artesia 2021 Spring edition.

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