Making a Difference


I am 65 years old. In my lifetime, I have easily heard 3,380 sermons. That is just Sunday morning math. That doesn’t count Sunday nights, Wednesday nights, revivals, camps, etc. After all, I am a Baptist preacher’s daughter! There is a good chance in my 65 years that if the doors to the church were opened, I was there. When I was a kid, I guess my parents made sure I was there, but I never really felt “made to go.” It was just what we did. It was what everyone did. If the doors were open, we were there.

There are lots of doors that open for us these days. Doors of learning how to do things when we are very young to doors of college and career, as we get older. Even at my age doors open. The door to deciding to continue to work or to stay home. The door to decide to continue to be used by God or the door to thinking I have done my part and it is now someone else’s turn. Lots of doors in our lives. But, I want to talk about a special door today. The open door to the tomb.

As we celebrate Easter, we think about Christ’s death, burial and resurrection. We think about all the imagery of the season. There are two very special images we see at Easter. One is the cross and the other is the empty tomb. That cross symbolizes the death of our Savior for the sins of our world, which are many and growing. The empty tomb symbolizes victory over sin and death. The empty tomb and the doorway that was left open also symbolize something else. It is God’s invitation to you to walk inside.

Walk inside the tomb where victory was won. Walk inside the tomb where our sins were eternally buried, never to come back again. Walk inside that tomb where God showed His greatest power and His greatest love. Walk inside that tomb and accept the gift of eternal life that is free to you because of the price that was paid on the cross and was secured by the empty tomb.

Without that empty tomb, there would be no chance for eternal life for any one of us. None of us could ever in our wildest imaginings do anything remotely worthy of the forgiveness of our sins and a spot in heaven with our Heavenly Father. Without that empty tomb, our world would be dark and hopeless. I know that these days, it does seem pretty dark at times, but imagine going through anything you have been through in your life without the Savior by your side. Then you would truly know what darkness is. If you are experiencing that darkness today, then I invite you to go to the empty tomb. Walk through that door into all that God has in store for you. Don’t let another day pass by without saying yes to the Savior.

The empty tomb made all the difference! Praise God for His gift of eternal life and salvation through none other than His Son Jesus Christ. And praise God for the open door that leads to that empty tomb.

By Gina Caswell Kelly

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