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I was in the grocery store one day and saw a magazine that had a headline of an article called “Fifty Best Places to Raise Kids.” I thought how silly this was. More times than not, the troubles we have in life as adults, and as kids has very little to do with geography and more to do with what we have been or are being taught. Location is not usually the answer, unless you are in real estate!

I have given this some thought and I believe I have come up with a better list. I have for you my list of “The Five Best Places to Raise Kids.”

5) The best place to raise a kid is in a safe environment. A place with stability, where a kiddo will know from one day to the next where home is and who will be there.

4) The best place to raise a kid is in a home where there is some sort of schedule followed. Kids need routine to function at their best. They need to know when bedtime is and know that it will be enforced. This is so basic, but in a child’s mind, this gives them a  sense of permanence.

3) The best place to raise kids is in a home where there are boundaries and expectations. Kids need boundaries to recognize right from wrong. There are plenty of people in the world who want to show your kids the wrong way. Have boundaries at your house that clearly define the right way.

2) The best place to raise kids is in a home where people love each other and show it. Kids need to know their parents love each other and they need to know that they are loved. Even if your home is not “traditional” with mom and dad there together, they still need to know they are loved by step-parents. Tell you kids every single day that you love them. Even when they are grown.

And the number one best place to raise kids . . .

1) A home where they are taught to love God and to honor and worship Him above all else. They need to live in a home where God is talked about and love for Him is shown. They need to know the peace of knowing God’s Son as their personal Savior. They need to hear you talk about what you have seen God do in your life.

See? With my list, you don’t have to pack up and move. You can live in the five best places to raise kids without a change of address card. Maybe a change of heart, but you do all this right from where you are right now.

Commit your children to God. Commit yourself to honoring Him with the parenting of your children. This will make a difference for generations to come!

By Gina Caswell Kelly

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

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