March Winds in Eddy County


March. The March Winds. It’s that time of year. Tie down anything that isn’t a permanent structure, and consider weighted vests for chihuahuas and toddlers when they step outside.

Did you grow up hearing the phrase dust storm or haboob for the March Winds? Haboob is a word of middle eastern origin that meteorologists apply to Southwest dust storms which last anywhere from 1-3 hours. The experience is a familiar one: first the wind begins to blow. The wind doesn’t begin at gail force level, but it builds quickly. In just a few short hours, the wind goes from blustery to levelling. Both fine particles of dust and larger pieces of aggregate material like sand and grit fly in the haboob winds. Suddenly, you’re living in a thick brown cloud; breathing dust and chewing dirt uncontrollably. Small dunes of sand collect along window sills and under cracks in the doors. There are realities of the spring weather everywhere both indoors and outdoors.  

March feels like a string of long dust storms and haboobs. One storm blows itself out only to be replaced by another. Until one morning, it’s April and the winds mysteriously disappear. Here’s to the middle of March and the anticipation of April. 

Read more about dust storm safety at the link below:


Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash

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