Organizers say Balloon Fiesta, NM State Fair plans are moving forward


Balloon Fiesta organizers tell KOAT that plans are moving forward to proceed with this year’s Fiesta.

“Plans are moving forward to launch the nine-day event on October 2, 2021,” a representative with Balloon Fiesta told KOAT in an email Thursday.

As of now, the event is being planned as an in-person event.

“We look forward to re-inviting everybody back in a very COVID-safe way,” said Garrity Group President, Tom Garrity.

The organizer adds that they’ll have more information on what Fiesta will look like by the time tickets go on sale this summer.

“Balloon Fiesta is really working on creating a fantastic guest experience. We’re excited to have an event,” Garrity said.

Officials with the New Mexico State Fair say they’re also planning to move forward with an in-person event.

“We are currently moving forward with plans for a live event and remain optimistic that we will welcome folks back for a safe, in-person experience at the New Mexico State Fair in September,” Wyndham Kemsley with EXPO New Mexico tells KOAT.

Source: Shellye Leggett for KOAT


Photo by Timur Kozmenko on Unsplash


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