The Foundry Home assists Eddy & Lea County teens in need


The Foundry Home is affiliated with the Cavern City Child Advocacy Center and will serve as a home for teenagers who have no place to go. The Home will provide counseling and teach life skills such as cooking and cleaning. There are computers generously donated by David Perini and new utility equipment donated by Lowe’s. Numerous other local organizations and individuals have provided assistance. Together, the property was turned into a wonderful location that will provide teenagers in need with a second chance. They have developed special programs to assist children who are victims of trafficking as well. Adults will be present at all times and teenagers will be required to keep their areas clean, do their own laundry, etc. Teenagers from Eddy and Lea County will have priority.  

The Foundry Home is celebrating its grand opening at 10 a.m. on March 8. You’ll also be able to watch it from the SE NM CAC Facebook Page.

The Foundry Home will also be hosting an open house week beginning after the ceremony. You can schedule private tours at Please call 1-888-808-2755 if you have any questions.


From the office of Mayor Dale Janway

Image source: City of Carlsbad Facebook page, @CityofCarlsbadGov 


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