The Journey to Becoming SENM College


The push for Carlsbad’s college to become independent had another great day on Wednesday.  Rep. Brown’s HB 212 passed through the Education Committee with a DO PASS recommendation by a vote of 9-4. Many local students, faculty and staff members spoke in support of independence, and we sincerely appreciate the incredible show of support. We also received more great comments of support from representatives in the area around San Juan College, who went independent many years ago. Senator Kernan’s mirror bill, SB 236, is on the schedule to be heard late Wednesday. 


We do want to clarify that Carlsbad’s college going independent will not incur any additional cost to the state level or to our city’s residents. Money appropriated from the state’s general fund would be the same annual amount as what is already being appropriated. The transition to an independent college will also not cost taxpayers any additional dollars, money will just be spent here.

For more information on this effort, please visit or the “Journey to Becoming SENM College” Facebook page. 

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