Making a Difference


We talk often about the power of God and how everything is truly under His control, even when we look around us and feel like the world is spinning horribly out of control. There is a peace in knowing that God has it all under His watchful eye. I know we question and wonder, but we don’t need to. He has this.

With all the ugliness and pettiness we see these days, and all the grief and worry that is around us, it is hard to see what He is doing or where He is taking us. But we have to trust that even in the darkest of days, He is holding us in the very center of His hand. He is calling us by name! We get so caught up in what we see on the news and on social media and we feel like the world is just going to pot. But the truth is that He is always with us. Always watching. Always caring.

There is a a good word in Isaiah 45:3 that says it so beautifully. “I will give you hidden treasures in the darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, Who summons you by name.”

I think the treasures of the darkness are the triumphs we experience as He leads us out of tragedy. Tragedy in our lives is always a time of intense darkness and pain. So many have felt that these last few months and are still feeling it today. I was talking to a new widow last week and I told her the same thing I tell all widows starting their new journey. Keep your eyes wide open as you travel this path. There will be blessings you will miss if you close your eyes.

Oh the treasures of the darkness! They are amazing and beautiful and such a special gift! There are not enough words to use to describe the times that God has shown me joy in the midst of trials. Treasure among the trash heaps. Oh my goodness! My heart just overflows when I think about the goodness of my heavenly Father!

But, He also talks about the riches in the secret places. I think this means the times of peace you find with God in your darkest hours. Those secret times in your life when you are the most frightened about what is in front of you. The richness of His love shines in those secret places. The places you may not even share with others. When we are in that secret place and are frightened and don’t know where to turn, that is just when God steps in and say, “Have I got a plan for you!” We don’t have to be worried and frightened. We just need to accept that peace that God offers. Those riches in the secret places.

And lastly, He calls you by name. Can you imagine that He is calling you by name today? So many I know that are starting this widow journey. So many I know that are learning to live life without their parents or their sons or daughters. He is calling you by name right now. Are you listening? Are you opening your heart to His treasures and His riches?  Oh what joy is ours when we accept the gifts of the Father!

What a difference He makes in our lives and what a difference we can make in the lives of others by offering them exactly what He offers us.

Make a difference in someone’s life today.

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