Permian Basin in national headlines after Biden EO suspending drilling permits

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Carlsbad, as the epicenter of the New Mexico’s oil and gas presence, has been in the national news all week. Local business leaders and community members have been interviewed by members of the media and asked for their opinions about President Biden’s executive orders suspending drilling permits. Many have expressed their extreme concerns about the long-term negative impact these orders may have on our community and on the entire state. 

Our state and nation are currently working to recover from the massive economic devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We maintain the vast oil and gas resources beneath the Delaware Basin are the key to that recovery, and they also offer us all a singular opportunity for our state to move past decades of poverty. 

Unchecked, these suspensions may ultimately cost tens of thousands of New Mexicans their jobs and result in this state losing billions of dollars, which could have been invested in schools, in our seniors, and in our roads. We call on all members of our federal legislative delegation, the governor, our state delegation, and all concerned residents of New Mexico to resist these harmful executive orders.  

From the office of Mayor Dale Janway

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