Eddy County Commissioner responds to the Governor’s aggressive regulations on Oil & Gas in NM

Jon Henry took to Facebook on Tuesday expressing his frustration with the aggressive regulations on the oil and gas industry. He shared the image and expressed in his post:
“More facts about the contributions from Eddy County to the state of NM.
Our Governor just publicly stated she will add the most aggressive regulations in the country to this industry. An industry that literally gives SO MUCH back to us.
An industry that is being targeting by the new federal administration, beginning on day 1 of our new President’s term.
An industry that has been the lifeline for our state’s elected democratic leaders as they spent their way into keeping NM at the bottom of almost every category that counts.
The writing is on the wall, SE NM. But many Legislators see a solution to this insanity.
And it is recreational.
Our state is really going to have to step up the purchasing and smoking of marijuana as soon as Santa Fe shoves the bill through, in hopes of that industry making up for the loss of an already established, booming, profitable one they openingly despise.
That’s the political pitch, right? That’s the answer?”
Henry, along with many other legislators continue to fight for New Mexico’s oil and gas industry and we are forever grateful for their efforts.
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