Focus on Carlsbad Fall 2020 | Making the Most of Your Community

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No matter how long you plan, want, or end up staying.

Finding your niche is vital to making any place your home. What comes to mind when you think about your hometown? Do you say, I love our small-town traditions: parades for every occasion, businesses you can walk into and actually speak to the owner, or you see somebody you know wherever you go? Do you say, I can’t wait to get out of here, or I’m never coming back when I finally leave? Or do you say, this is my home, my life, my family?

John F. Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” Oh, how I wish we would coin that phrase for our community. Many people work together to make our small town better than it has ever been. Not because there is anything wrong or because it is terrible but because we want to grow as we go.

Whether people were born and raised in New Mexico or moved here from somewhere else, it thrills my heart to see them looking for their niche, searching for a way to make a difference. What are you doing? When was the last time you volunteered or joined in efforts to make a difference? What will your story be? Hopefully, it will be about a story of being part of making a positive difference.

Don't reinvent the wheel; learn the wheel, then roll the direction you want to go.

One of my passions is to be active in groups that make a difference in Carlsbad. A recent career change has led me down a different road making that difference through CEHMM. CEHMM generates ongoing differences that affect the future of our land and environment. Being a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our environmental service division efficiently performs necessary services for the industry at a fraction of a cost. These services protect our land, plants, and animals while assisting the industry in accomplishing their goals. When the industry has completed its efforts, CEHMM provides conservation services implementing restoration procedures.

I love the Land of Enchantment, seeing us grow as we go. I love those born and raised here, those who left and came back and especially love those that moved here temporarily and ended up staying indefinitely. Sure, there are other places you could be, but home is where we live right now, for a day, a week, or years. The people cultivate and invest in the community who make our small towns into a wonderful place to call home.

Karla Hamel Niemeier

Article written by Karla Hamel Niemeier and originally published in Focus Regional 2020 Winter edition.

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