New developments underway at Artesia park


With the completion of the soccer fields and football fields at the City of Champions Sports Complex in Jaycee Park, it’s tough to imagine what OTHER notable changes to the city parks might be in store. Following the City of  Artesia, NM Infrastructure Department of Facebook, several major developments are underway around town. The most impactful changes are happening in Jamaica Park. A total reconceptualization of the place began last year. So far, a walking path has been added, walls to a new playground arose, along with a new pavilion and play equipment. 

The other spot to watch is the archway at Guadalupe Park featuring the mural by Noel Marquez “La Otra Voz.” The archway received renovation work and will now have the original mural repainted. The surface of the arch is prepped and, on beautiful winter days, the artist’s assistants are hard at work chalking the mural design across the entryway. 

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