Story Walk to be installed along Lake Carlsbad

CB Library

Some very creative individuals are coming up with a few unique ways to educate and inform others. 

The Carlsbad Public Library and our Public Works department are working on a “StoryWalk” trip along Lake Carlsbad. According to our head librarian, Sarah Jones, this will be a great way for children, adults and families to enjoy reading and the outdoors at the same time.

A series of wooden posts will be set up along the beach area, each with a tray to hold a laminated page, with each frame holding a story page from a children’s picture book. The first book will be “Cat’s Colors” by Airlie Anderson. There will be 20 story frames total, and the library plans to change out these stories every now and then.  Right now, the plan is for the stories to run roughly from near the train bridge to the beach swimming area. They may even host local writing contests with the winner’s story being displayed. Sarah says StoryWalk Solutions was created by a woman named Anne Ferguson with the help of the Kellogg-Hubbard Library. It’s certainly a great option for parents looking for some educational activities out of the house and we look forward to everything being put in place.  

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