Carlsbad College to go independent- an update from Mayor Dale Janway


Here’s a few updates on the efforts to have Carlsbad’s college go independent. We spoke with NMSU’s Chancellor last week and had what we felt to be a productive meeting. We are meeting with New Mexico’s Department of Higher Education on Monday. Rep. Cathrynn Brown has developed a draft bill for introduction in the upcoming legislative session. She has also informed us that legislators aren’t exactly certain what they can expect from this session in terms of the schedule and how much of the session will be in person vs. virtual. 

Craig Stephens and John Heaton have been doing an incredible job with this effort as chair and co-chair. We especially want to thank the members of NMSU-C’s faculty and staff for communicating with the members of our task force while continuing to work professionally at their jobs. We are developing a FAQ where we will post answers to the various questions we’ve received and continue to appreciate all of the support and feedback. 

From the office Mayor Dale Janway

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