Focus on Carlsbad Fall 2020 | Letter from the Editor


I am an import to the region, coming most recently from northern Wyoming and having lived in several different states.

Kaity Hirst

The desert of Southeastern New Mexico was as foreign as if we were on an entirely different planet when my family unpacked in the state a few years ago. As the four of us settled and began to get to know the friendly locals, I found my heart tuned to the charms and the unexpected surprises of the area. I’m excited to share with the Focus readers some of those surprises and charming aspects, which continue to captivate my attention in Carlsbad.
I believe that local know-how is the pulse of the city. It’s my hope these pages become a reliable source of insider knowledge for both long-time residents and imports like me. New Mexicans love comparing notes about which dish is best from each local eatery or diner and seem to have an implicit understanding of where to find the most interesting things to do around town. They always know who’s best for a job. It’s that bit of oral tradition I want to breathe into the following articles, so please enjoy the combined efforts of the Focus team to bring those traditions to you!
This season’s fall edition begins with exploring some river knowledge and traditions of the Pecos in two features. Then, read about the legendary Cavegirl softball program and Cave Kings Cornhole. We’ve also got the scoop on TLC Home Healthcare!
Get out there and go play, Carlsbad! Thanks for the opportunity to listen and share all that this dynamic community has to offer.

Kaity HirstEditorial Director

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Article originally published in Focus on Carlsbad 2020 Fall edition.
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