Making a Difference


Hasn’t the change in weather been nice? I don’t know about you, but I was getting tired of the heat. And I am usually someone who likes hot weather. But, I guess it is the year in which we are living, maybe it was just time for a change.

Everyone is so tired of everything this year. I will admit, I am a part of that number. I am tired of the sickness. I am tired of things not being the way we are used to. I tell people often, when I walk into a room full of mask wearing people, with my own mask on, I just keep feeling like I am in an episode of The Twilight Zone. I fully expect to see Rod Serling lurking in the corner, narrating my life. Maybe this is our new normal, but it is just weird. I will however continue to wear my mask, as we all should. I know there are those who don’t believe it makes a difference and there are those who believe it makes all the difference. I will wear mine, certainly if the business I am entering requires it, but I will also wear it on the chance that it will do some good. It surely isn’t hurting anything to wear it. But, yes. I am tired of masks too. (Although it is a saving on makeup. I focus on my eyes only, as that is all anyone will see!)

Everyone is tired of all the politics. I do not care which side you are on, this year has worn us out. The constant barrage of political ads on television. The subliminal messages at the top of the screen I have been seeing for us to “vote for our lives.” I am sick to death of all the politics on social media! I am so tired of seeing the same information hashed over time and again. As I have said before, most everyone has already made up their mind for whom they are going to vote. No Facebook post is going to change anyone’s mind. So stop it already! (That was my personal rant, and not necessarily a part of this column!)

You look at all these things and you just want it all to stop. You feel helpless to make a difference. Helpless to help those suffering with disease and death. Helpless to help those who want to believe it is all just political. Helpless to help those who are convinced one side or the other is totally evil in the political realm. Helpless!

Helpless maybe, but not hopeless. Our hope is always in Jesus Christ. He alone knows when this disease will end. He alone knows how the election on Tuesday will turn out. He alone knows the answers to all life throws our way. Why are we walking so far away from the very One who knows the answers? In these days when so much is on the line, we should be running to Him. Running as hard as we can toward the One who knows the answers. Running as if our lives depended on it toward the One who offers eternal life with Him. The One who offers a peace the world can never understand.

In Hebrews, Paul writes, “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.” He who promised is indeed faithful. In these times of so much conflict and stress, hold unswervingly on to Jesus and the hope that is in Him. It will make a difference.

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