Making a Difference


I wear hearing aides. I know. I am old. When my batteries are going down, I hear this lovely little tune in my head reminding me to replace them. It will do this a few times and then it stops. And they stop. Here is the thing about hearing aides. When their batteries are no good, they are pretty much earplugs at that point. Doing exactly the opposite of what they were intended to do. Instead of helping me hear, they make my hearing worse!

I was thinking as I was out somewhere listening to the little tune with no spare batteries in sight, that this is pretty much how we are as Christians. We do pretty good and serve our purpose as long as our batteries are fresh. But when we let our batteries run down, we don’t do what we are supposed to do.

We have got to spend time each day in God’s Word. We have to have time with Him daily. This is how we keep our batteries fresh. This is how we best serve our purpose in this world. I think you would agree that this world desperately needs Christians who are fresh and powerful and fully charged in the Word of God. Our world needs people who are willing to make a stand and willing to speak up for what is right and stand against what is wrong.

Sometimes, we let the noise of the world drowned out the voice of the Savior, and just like my hearing aides with dead batteries, our ears our plugged instead of open to hearing His voice.

We have gotten so complacent in this world. We have grown very used to the phrase, “that is just how it is.” That does not have to be “how it is!” When we are fresh in God’s Word and wholly charged up in our commitment to Him, we can make a difference in this world that is crying out for someone right now. For someone to stand up and say this is not right! Maybe that person is you? Maybe it is me? Maybe it is all of us finally standing for what we believe in.

Is it time for you to recharge your batteries? Have you become a stumbling block for someone, rather than a stepping stone to the Savior? Charge your batteries! Get out your Bible and study it. Let God speak to you through His Word. Then spend some time listening to Him speak to you in your prayer time. He has so much He wants to say to you, but He will not force Himself on you. You have to be ready to listen. You have to be ready to serve.

Charge your batteries! It will make a difference!

By: Gina Caswell Kelly

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