Street improvements and infrastructure development in Carlsbad


We hope you’ve noticed how much progress is going on with several of the City’s major developments going on.

Phase 3 of our Double Eagle project is nearing completion. This process is the installation of a 5 million gallon water tank, completing the process of tying the Double Eagle system into our Sheep’s Draw water system. Both Double Eagle and Sheep’s Draw will now serve our city municipal system together.  This is vital for any desert community, and we’re very proud to have the resources for years to come.

On the road front, Phase 1 of Boyd Drive, from Hidalgo to Radio, has neared completion. The next phase will run from Hidalgo to the highway.

Upcoming is widening and repaving to Radio Boulevard. We are also addressing drainage issues there. Also on the list is improving the street and north side sidewalk along Kircher Street, between San Jose Boulevard to National Parks Highway. We want to make things better for both our motorists and our pedestrians.

We know everybody wants to see their street improved, and our Neighborhood Street Rehabilitation program will do just that. It’s a program that involves us going through all of Carlsbad and making improvements. Our first four areas are Center Street, Sunnyview, San Jose and the Country Club area.

Other important infrastructure developments include the Bataan Lift Station, the Cherry Lane Sewer Programs and an Old Cavern water line that extends our new water main from Farris to Chapman.

The new portion of Fire Station 6 is almost complete, and we are working on the remodeling phase of the airport portion. We have long-term plans to work in a police substation on the southern end of town.

As we’ve mentioned before, our beach area developments include adding pickleball across Park Drive from the tennis courts and finishing two high-quality beach sand volleyball courts near the beach parking lot. We can’t wait to host our first community-wide beach volleyball tournament. We’ve also put in several shade structures in the upper beach area and in the Pecos River Village. Through our partnership with NWP, we’re still adding more shade structures at playgrounds around town.

From the office of Mayor Dale Janway

Photo by Elmarie van Rooyen on Unsplash

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