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Making a Difference


Are you ready for school to start? I think this year, more than any other, every single person is ready for school to begin in one form or another. I know that there are still many who are going to keep their children at home and do virtual learning, while others see the need to get their kids back in the classroom and back to being taught in person. The choices are tough. Certainly, I am not going to stand here and tell you how to educate your children. You know your own children and your own heart and you know what is the right thing for your family.

We are living in a crazy time! I can search the internet (which we know is the source of all knowledge, wisdom and accurate information! Just kidding.) and I can site scientists with great knowledge and educational background who can tell you why you should wear a mask, why you shouldn’t wear a mask, why you should send your kids to school, why you shouldn’t send your kids to school, why this virus is unlike any other we have ever encountered and why this virus is no worse than the common flu. See what I mean? It is a crazy time. This crazy time is also compounded by social media “experts” who are very quick to tell you how wrong you are if you believe any of the above statements. So, as our kids go back to school, it is so hard to stand strong in your beliefs one way or the other, while someone else you have always trusted is telling you that what you believe is wrong. What are we to do!

I don’t need science or degrees to tell you exactly what we are to do. I can stand here at my desk in the middle of FM 303 and tell you all you need to know as you start this school year. Trust God. There you go! Pretty simple, isn’t it? But it is the simple truth. We don’t know exactly what is right or wrong in what is going on with the corona virus. We hear voices of reason from both sides until our heads are pounding. That is why we have to shut out all the voices, all the influencers, all the other things out there trying to get us to believe one thing or another. We have to shut them all out and put our focus on God.

Do you believe God is real and that He loves you like a father loves his children? Do you believe that He will guide you in all these decisions you have to make? Do you believe this One who has the very hairs on your head numbered has a plan for you for this day?

If you answered yes to those questions, and you should have, then you know all you need to know. Go to Him daily. Trust Him in this very trying time in our lives. And go one step more. Teach your children to trust in Him. They are starting school in a whole different way than they ever have before. They need to see belief and strength in your eyes. They need to see that you are trusting the system, before they will trust the system. They need to see you stepping out in faith that the Heavenly Father has all this under His watchful eye and they need to know that whatever each day brings, none of it is going to be a surprise to the Father. They need to know Him. They need to know that you know Him.

As this year begins, what better time than this to establish that routine in your home of praying together as a family as each day ends and begins. To see God’s Word taught and believed in their own home. As I said, these are crazy days. You need something to hold onto. So do your children. Hold onto the Father. It will make a difference!

By: Gina Caswell Kelly

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