COVID-19 Update for Eddy County


A note from the Mayor:

We received some sad news over the weekend when we learned about a COVID-19 related death of an Eddy County resident.

We understand that the individual was a male in his 50s from Artesia who was recently transferred from a local hospital to a larger facility when his condition worsened. This is the second COVID-19 related death of an Eddy County resident, with the first occurring in March, according to the Department of Health.

Our prayers go out to this individual’s numerous family members and friends across Carlsbad and Artesia.

Also, over the weekend, there were eight new positive COVID-19 cases announced in Eddy County on Sunday and five new cases announced on Saturday, putting us at an overall total now of 181. The most recent recovery total we have is 60. If you are looking for additional information on COVID 19 cases in Eddy County, please visit the Department of Health’s Dashboard at and Artesia General Hospital’s page at Finally, if you would like more information on testing with the NM DOH, please visit

-Mayor Dale Janway

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