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Get to know Harvest Fellowship


Harvest Fellowship opened its doors for the first time on September 10, 2006.  Ronnie and Angela Williams are the Founding and Senior Pastors, having been on staff since the inception in 2006.

Pastor Ronnie: “Ministry is a part of my life, almost like a part of my DNA.  Growing up my father was the Sunday School Superintendent at our church.  This was a volunteer position, but whether it was in reality, or just in my eyes, it was a very important position.  Dad took the opportunity very seriously.  On Sundays, he was the first one in the building, getting everything ready for the congregation who would be coming a few hours later.  Helping people learn more about and grow closer to Jesus has always been part of my life, and I think leading and loving within this community is just an extension of that. I never want to be a Pastor, and by extension our church never wants to be a church, that is just IN the community of Artesia, for we are a church FOR the community of Artesia.  We say often that we are in the “people business.” God loves people therefore we love people and we want God’s best for them.

In the past we have done so many different things as we have gone through different seasons of growth in our church and as a community. We are avid supporters of our school system and the students, always ready to help Teachers, Administrators, and Students in any way we can.  In other areas of our community, we try to be as active and helpful as possible.  We have given away money for school supplies, we have given away gas (accidentally cause a traffic jam with that one, sorry Artesia PD).  We have sponsored many free concerts and other Christian events available to the public, and most recently, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, we delivered boxes of groceries twice a week to shut ins and others who were not able to get them for themselves due to health concerns.

Programs Provided:

We proudly say we are, and actively strive to continue to be, a 4 generational church.  We value and passionately want to equip and grow every generation of the family from children, to great grandparents. With that in mind, we have age specific ministries for all ages as well as non-age specific ministries that bring us all together as a family.  Family and Community are big parts of Harvest Fellowship, if you attend Harvest Fellowship, your family.

Did you know?

Harvest Fellowship, purposely gives 10% every month of their general contributions to outside ministry efforts; locally, nationally, and internationally. We love worship and fellowship; those two things are among the highest of our priorities as a church.  We are completely non-denominational.  We fellowship with a lot of different churches and denominations, but we teach and govern according to the Bible, and look to the Bible exclusively for doctrine and direction in governance. We love to have fun, and sarcasm is a secondary love language for almost all of our staff.

Ronnie Williams Senior Pastor of Harvest Fellowship

Harvest Fellowship

2307 W Main St, Artesia, NM 88210


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