Mayor Janway comments on Carlsbad Police and Eddy County Sheriffs Department


A note from Mayor Dale Janway:

“It’s such a bizarre time period we live in that we’re even having to have this discussion, but we want to make sure every single person understands that under no circumstance will the City of Carlsbad be considering dissolving its police force. Some communities have reportedly been discussing removing their police departments, and we have absolutely no idea what they would then do to protect their citizens when it comes to issues such as burglaries to domestic violence.

Not only are the Carlsbad Police Department and Eddy County Sheriff’s Department absolutely critical to our community, but we also have an excellent force of professionals who are deeply committed to doing the right thing. On top of their already busy jobs, our police force and sheriff’s department have been especially busy lately assisting with birthday parades and food deliveries to isolated individuals when they are able.

We have had several citizens offer us suggestions on policy changes they believe could help reduce potential instances of police violence. We are always looking to improve, and we will be examining these recommendations at an administrative and police level. Many of the recommendations are already in place here, but reviewing policies is always a good idea.”

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