Lakeview Christian Home receives hundreds of masks from Holtec International

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Holtec International has donated several hundred masks to Lakeview Christian Home, members of the Eddy-Lea Energy Alliance have announced. Holtec said nursing homes and senior centers are especially vulnerable due to the age and condition of their patients. COVID infection in these facilities could spread rapidly due to the closeness and high risk of these patients.

Eddy-Lea Energy Alliance Board Members Susan Crockett, Jason Shirley and Jack Volpato agreed that the donation to Lakeview was the best location for the masks. The board members said they were always impressed by Holtec and the company’s commitment to community, quality and safety.

HOLTEC is working with the Eddy-Lea Energy Alliance on a Consolidated Interim Storage facility between Carlsbad and Hobbs. ELEA members noted that the project is especially important, as it is now clear that employment in the area needs to be stabilized to offset the ups and downs of the oil and gas industry.

Jody Knox, CEO of Lakeview, said PPE and masks have been in very short supply, and the company is very grateful for this donation of masks. The number one concern of Lakeview is to keep its patients safe. These masks will make an enormous difference in allowing Lakeview to meet those challenges.

“It is great to have a company like Holtec come in to our community that is concerned with the well-being of our community,” Knox said.

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