COVID-19 Update for Eddy County


A note from Carlsbad Mayor Dale Janway

“Carlsbad Medical Center reports COVID-19 tests conducted 144 tests conducted as of April 21, with two confirmed positive, 126 negative results and 16 pending. Artesia General Hospital reports 132 tests conducted with 2 positive, 114 negative and 16 pending.  Artesia’s Public Health Office has conducted 66 tests  while Carlsbad’s Public Health Office has conducted 169 tests.

Testing continues at Carlsbad Medical Center, at Artesia General Hospital, at Carlsbad’s Department of Health Clinic on Stevens Street (1-3 p.m. Monday through Thursday) and at Artesia’s Department of Health Clinic on Memorial Drive (9-11 a.m., Monday through Thursday).

Of the ten Eddy County COVID-19 cases, four have been in Artesia, five have been in Carlsbad and the location of one is still unknown at this time. One case, sadly, resulted in a COVID-related fatality. Six cases have now been announced as recoveries and two (both Carlsbad cases) remain in quarantine. We are still researching the announced tenth Eddy County positive test, which was announced yesterday. There are no COVID-19-related hospitalizations reported in Eddy County at this time.”

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