Threats at Carlsbad Walmart

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 9.18.14 PM

On 03-24-20 at approximately 6:15 pm, the Carlsbad Police Department received a report of someone having called into the local Wal-Mart making a threat to arrive and conduct a shooting. Officers immediately responded and prevented anyone else from entering the building or the parking lot. Once the building and the parking lot were secured, those inside were safely directed out of the building. Officers remained on scene while customers and employees left the premises as Wal-Mart management made the decision to close the store with intentions of opening back up tomorrow.

Officers and detectives were able to meet with management and obtained more information about the threat that was made. Detectives are continuing to investigate this incident. Anyone who may have any information about this incident is asked to call Det. Joey Landgraf at (575) 885-2111 Ext. 2223.

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