Artesia Varsity Volleyball Bring Home State Championship

Lady Dog volleyball brought home the 2021 Championship to Artesia this past weekend! Congratulations ladies! Your hard work and dedication especially during challenging pandemic times is inspirational! 

The Lady Dogs entered the State 4A Playoffs seated #7. They played their way up the bracket to challenge the #1 seated Hope Christian of Alburquerque. Everyone loves an underdog situation and the Lady Dogs did NOT disappoint. Their teamwork and go get ’em attitude saw them through to their victory.  

Focus caught up with senior Alexa Silva to recap the Lady Dog ‘ship. When asked what the key to the team’s success at the state tournament was, she replied, “we were finally able to get out of own heads. We were able to come together and play like we had nothing to lose.” She credit’s Coach Lou’s poster board activity called “The Road to Perseverance” with organizing the team’s goals for the tournament. The activity the team completed together kept them focused on their performances and not on the high pressure of the tournament. The front row and the back row collaborated well together to deliver a championship-winning offense and defense. 

Special congratulations to the senior volleyball players: Lillynn Lewis, Ashlyn Rodriguez, Alexa Silva, and Nataly Leon. 

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