Pecan Harvesting & Shelling


Overwhelmed with bushels of nuts? Consider hiring a professional to shake your pecan trees. Tractors equipped with a grasping claw implement and cab cages to protect the windshields from pelting pecans lock onto the trunks of trees and shake them vigorously to loosen the shelled nuts from their hulls. Places like County Line Pecans specialize in this types of service. 

Ready, set, go! When the claw grasps the trunk of the tree to shake it back and forth, the ground around the roots shudder and shake as well. Prepare for the ground to tremble under your soles. Be sure to stand several feet beyond the canopy of the tree, so that you will not be pegged by a falling nut. 

County Line Pecans and Pecos Diamond Pecan can also shell your large quantities of nut produce. Load up your pecans in large containers; handled tubs work the best for this type of large quantity hauling. You don’t want the bottom of your container to give out as you’re transferring your nuts to the weigh station because you’ll be stuck picking up each pecan all over again–cruel irony to be sure. Your pecans will be weighed upon delivery and then shelled. Expect to receive about half of your initial weight of pecans. Half of a pecan’s weight comes from its shell.  

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