Large Scale Road Projects Taking Place in Carlsbad


On Monday, we will deliver a presentation on several ongoing road projects to the state legislation’s transportation committee. While a number of other projects are taking place, these represent several large-scale efforts.

The ongoing Cherry Lane project will include re-building the roadway from Sandy Lane to the Intersection of Callaway Drive, and upgrading the storm drainage with new curb and gutter. We’re also widening the road and adding sidewalks along the west side of the roadway tying our Callaway project to Cherry Lane Park. 

The State of New Mexico recently authorized $500,000 to plan, design and construct improvements to Radio Boulevard.  The project will include the reclaiming of the existing pavement and base course and repaving of the existing roadway from the intersection of Standpipe Road to the City limits.

We have also obtained funding to make improvements along Old Cavern Highway, between National Parks Highway and Farris Street. These upgrades will include drainage, pavement rehabilitation, milling and striping. 

Additionally, improvements are being made at the railroad easement on the east end of Mermod Street to Texas Street and on to the west. 

We also have a project expanding the current storm drain system along Halagueno Street. 

Finally, we will also be introducing a proposal seeking funding for Dark Canyon Bridge. This project would consist of roadway, sidewalk and improvements, as well as a 5-span, 600-foot bridge. This is to protect our community from major floods, such as the one we had this summer.  We have not obtained funding for this project yet, but we hope we can explain to members of the legislation as to why it is important for Carlsbad. 

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