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I drive my oldest grandson down the road to school every morning and pick him up every afternoon. It is about a 12 mile trip one way, so we have time together. Now, if you know KD, he is not a talker at all. Once in a while he will visit with me a little bit. Usually in the afternoon, he will tell me about his day. Mostly answering questions, of course! He isn’t going to volunteer much information.

I have been thinking lately about what he has learned from me in these car trips daily. He will soon be driving and our daily time together will be over. I want to be sure he has learned from me during our drive time. I want to be sure that my captive audience has been listening as I have talked. So what is it I want to be sure that he has learned from his Grandma?

1.  I want to be sure he knows to love Jesus first of all and best of all. I want to be sure that he knows that God is with him daily, in all things. I want him to know that trusting Jesus as his savior is the most important decision he has ever made.

2.  I want him to know that good people do bad things on occasion, but that doesn’t make them bad people. I want him to know the forgiveness of God for things done wrong, and I want him to put that forgiveness example to work in his life.

3.  I want him to know we have to work hard for what we want. I want him to realize that we are owed nothing by our society. That anything worth having is worth working for. (I also want him to know not to end sentences in a preposition, most of the time. Ha!)

4. I want him to know that everyone deserves love. Even when people are irritating beyond measure, they were created by God and deserve to be loved. Sometimes love will change that irritating person into someone really great.

5.  I want him to know that we show grace to others because of the great grace shown to us by our Savior. The grace that He shows us daily should always be offered to those around us.

6.  I want him to always look at the world through eyes of love. Through the eyes of God. I want him to see that there is always something to smile about, even when things are very bad.

7.  I want him to have fun. To look for fun. To be fun. To laugh. Hysterically and uncontrollably at times.

8.  I want him to love this country. I want him to know the stories of his great grandfather and his great great grandfather who fought so valiantly for this country. I want him to know that he can work for change for the things that are wrong in our country. I want him to know to stand with his hand over his heart when the National Anthem is sung. I want him to know to remove his hat in honor of our flag. I want him to know we stand for. What we believe in. Always.

9.  I want him to love his family. So many times, our families are at their very worst at home. This is because home is where we feel safe. Sometimes those family members don’t always treat us like they should. We show them grace. We recognize what is going on in their lives and we make the choice to love them anyway.

10.  I want him to have great stories to share with his own children one day about a Grandma that loved him and wanted to teach him all the lessons she thought he needed to know.

Wow! I am not sure I have enough time left to finish teaching him all these life lessons. But I do hope he has learned a few of those things in our time together.

We are called by God to teach our children these lessons. That is our most important job. It is not the job of the schools or the world. It is the family’s job to teach our children those life lessons that are so very important in this world. We are our children’s first teachers. Don’t let that job slide.

Teaching our children about Jesus and all the wonderful things He brings to our lives is the most important thing. It is the main thing. It is the only thing that will make a difference in this world.

What are you teaching your children or your grandchildren? It can make a difference!

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