Xcel Energy & other private companies to resume utility cutoffs


 We have been informed that the moratorium on cutoffs for unpaid bills ended on Aug. 12. That means private power and gas companies may resume cutoffs in instances with very high past due balances. While these aren’t City of Carlsbad utilities, we certainly want to assist with giving everyone the information they might need to help them resolve this issue.

You can contact the New Mexico Gas Company at (575) 763-8460. You may contact Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-4999 or online at https://www.xcelenergy.com/billing_and_payment.

Xcel does work out pay arrangements, but may not do so in instances where there is a past default. Their cutoffs will be in instances with $1,000 or more past due. 

We’re fortunate to live in a community with a number of resources devoted to helping individuals in need. For example, the United Way of Eddy County offers some utilities assistance. Please visit https://www.uweddyco.org/resources or call the 211 line. The Faith, Hope & Love Foundation also offers utilities assistance. Please visit https://www.fhlcarlsbad.org/ or call (575) 941-2022. Finally, you can contact the Income Support Office at 885-8815 to see if any assistance is available. 

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