Flooding causes transportation difficulties for Carlsbad and Artesia residents


The past couple days of rain have certainly been welcome. Our first responders report that there have been no major property flooding or traffic crashes resulting from the rain. Everyone also did a good job respecting barricades that were set up as a safety measure for flooded streets. If you encounter a flooded roadway and have any doubts about your safety, please turn around. 

The National Weather Service’s flash flood watch remained in effect for Eddy County until 6 p.m. Tuesday. There’s also still a 50% chance of rain on Wednesday and a 30% chance for both Thursday and Friday. There’s still going to be a chance of rain over the weekend. We are certainly planning to continue to move forward with our Fourth of July celebration, but will also be looking into some rain alternatives for our World War 2 ceremony, just in case. Here are a few updates:

  • The Carlsbad Fire Department is keeping a close eye on Dark Canyon and Rocky Arroyo. Eddy County’s Dark Canyon Road has been closed between 62-180 and 137, and the City of Carlsbad has closed its Dark Canyon low water crossings on San Jose, Hidalgo and Radio Boulevard- as of early Tuesday afternoon. 
  • Due to concerns with possible Dark Canyon flooding, we have also re-closed the intersection of Radio and Boyd, portions of Hidalgo and beneath the San Jose Bridge, as of early Tuesday afternoon. 
  • As of Tuesday morning, Eddy County’s Bolton Road and Longhorn Road remained closed due to water. 
  • The Carlsbad Water Park and Beach swimming area were both closed on Tuesday due to the weather. Please check the City of Carlsbad Facebook page, the City of Carlsbad web page, and local media outlets for updates throughout the week. 

From the office of Mayor Dale Janway

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