NM offers cash prizes up to $5 million to residents who receive COVID-19 vaccination

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You’ve probably heard of some of the efforts going on to get New Mexico to cross the 60% vaccination line by this week. The state’s Department of Health has announced a $100 incentive for residents who receive a single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine or their booster shot by Thursday. Residents with questions about this incentive should call 855-600-3453 or visiting vacinenm.org. 

Additionally, several organizations have sponsored a “Pop Up COVID-19 vaccination event” from 9 a.m. to noon on June 22 in the Carlsbad Walmart parking lot. Vaccines at this event have been approved for people 18 and over. New Mexicans who have received at least one shot are eligible for several larger prizes, including a $5 million grand prize. The first drawing, four prizes of $250,000 each, will be conducted on June 18. Those who wish to participate can sign up at vax2themaxnm.org. 

Residents have some very mixed feelings on these prizes and giveaways as a way of encouraging vaccinations, to say the least. Those with questions about the vaccines feel these prizes are dismissive of their concerns and a gimmick. Supporters say they are just trying to increase the vaccine percentage to protect health and push past COVID-19, and they note that many other states have a similar system. 

We will continue to support providing access to vaccines for those who want them and help make you aware of opportunities to do so. As of Sunday, 57.9 percent of eligible New Mexico residents were fully vaccinated, according to the state’s vaccine dashboard, meaning we are just over 2% away from meeting the state’s 60% goal.  

From the office of Mayor Dale Janway

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