Eddy County status update on COVID-19 gating criteria

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On Wednesday, Eddy County will find out if we move up to the “Turquoise” level or back down to the “Yellow” level, based on the state’s COVID-19 gating criteria. Turquoise would mean fewer restrictions and opening at a larger capacity, while Yellow would put us back at where we were a few weeks ago. Restaurants and businesses at the Turquoise level can all open at 75% of their indoor capacity. 

It’s always hard to tell exactly where we are due to the ways numbers are reported, but we are very optimistic, based on the numbers we do have. The New Mexico Department of Health reported a single positive COVID-19 case for Eddy County on Monday. Based on the changes in case count, there were three other positive COVID-19 cases reported for Eddy County over Easter weekend. We will move into “Turquoise” if we can keep our average number of daily cases to below 8 per 100,000 and our average positivity rate below 5%.

Seeing the COVID-19 numbers dip over the past month has been wonderful. Let’s keep moving in that direction. If you have any specific questions about the state’s “Red to Green” framework, please visit https://cv.nmhealth.org/public-health-orders-and-executive-orders/red-to-green/

From the office of Mayor Dale Janway

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