Fires burn over 100 acres near Brantley Lake and Washington Ranch

On Tuesday, the Eddy County Fire Service notified the community of active fires in Eddy County:
“Below is the unofficial fire area at Brantley Lake. The fire is still active though you are probably seeing more dust than smoke- however, smoke is still in the area.
UPDATE: North Brantley Lake fire estimated at 100 acres and Washington Ranch fire estimated at 40 acres.
UPDATE: The viewing platform at Washington Ranch has been destroyed in the fire.
Crews are on scene at two separate brush fires in the County.
At North Brantley Lake, Eddy County Fire Service, Riverside VFD, Cottonwood VFD, Atoka VFD, and Happy Valley VFD are on scene.
At Washington Ranch along Black River, Eddy County Fire Service, La Huerta VFD, and Joel VFD are on scene.
There is a lot of smoke in both areas.
PLEASE use caution. NO BURNING.”
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