COVID-19 Update for Eddy County

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On Friday, the New Mexico Department of Health announced that all New Mexicans in phases 1B and 1C of the state’s COVID-19 distribution plan are now eligible for vaccine. This now includes frontline essential workers, residents of congregate care facilities, New Mexicans 60 and older and other essential workers. In fact, much of the state’s population over 16 is now officially considered eligible for a vaccine. 

The Department of Health has also made vaccines easier for people without internet access who want a vaccine. Please dial 1-855-600-3453 to register. Services such as rides to vaccine events are also being offered, and plans for homebound vaccinations are being developed. While providers will continue to prioritize members of earlier phases in scheduling appointments, they have the option of inviting New Mexicans in later phases when they cannot fill appointments. 

In a partnership with Eddy County, the Department of Health and Carlsbad Medical Center, the City of Carlsbad has been helping to host vaccine clinics every Monday at the civic center. These clinics have gone very well. 

In short, if you are someone who wants a vaccine who has been waiting to register, now is the time to do so. Please visit

If you know anyone who is interested in a vaccine who is having difficulty with any part of the registration process, please let us know and we will help resolve the issue. Additionally, if you know anyone 60 or older who has been having trouble getting a vaccine appointment, please let us know. 

We are entering the second week of being “Yellow” in terms of our COVID-19 gating criteria. We’re very happy for our restaurants who have re-opened and hope we can push forward to being “Green.” Of course, we also need to continue to treat COVID-19 seriously, so that we do not slip back into “Red,” which previously happened in Las Cruces.

There were 10 new positive COVID-19 cases announced for Eddy County on Thursday and 14 on Wednesday. These were higher numbers than we’ve had recently and should remind us to continue to be careful. The good news is that Carlsbad Medical Center continues to report a very low “positivity” rate, which is one of the two criteria being evaluated. Based on the information we currently have, we believe Eddy County will remain “Yellow” when the new evaluation come out next Wednesday. Please help us continue to get COVID-19 numbers down so we can continue to re-open.



From the office of Mayor Dale Janway

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