Stained glass chalk art in Artesia


By: Kaity Hirst

Walking the neighborhoods of Artesia, it’s hard to miss the colorful chalked designs on driveways, fences, and doors. The colors absolutely POP from the neutral backgrounds. The stained glass effect (created with sidewalk chalk and masking tape) makes anyone out and about Artesia stop to appreciate the beauty created by kiddos, families, and individuals looking to fill the hours of the strange times in which we live. What began as an internet trend around six weeks ago, alongside the first round of mass closures, the chalk designs have quickly become an emblem of the Stay at Home movement; they’re everywhere. For the first time in decades, there’s real reason to begin projects that many folks haven’t had the opportunity to pursue. The stained glass chalk art comes in many shapes and sizes. The artwork is as varied as the individuals who create them.

One such masterpiece, pictured here,  was created by Makaylee Morillon. Inspired by her cousin who completed a very large chalk stained glass project down the street, Makaylee set out to create an even larger one in her driveway. Aided by another cousin, Maddie Livingston, her mother Mandi, and cheered on by her grandmother, Yvonne, in a lawn chair, Makaylee produced the stained glass effect on half of her driveway. Completed in three days, the project signifies the time we’ve had to be together at a pace much slower than the usual hustle and bustle.

Homeowner, Hannah Hagelstein decided to turn her fence into a social-distancing friendly neighborhood project. Check out the BYOC (Bring your Own Chalk) Facebook page for details. Every few days or so, Hannah adds new masking designs for folks in the area to customize with their own chalk.

The chalk art maintains the spirit of community despite the orders for distance.


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