Spreading joy in Artesia- Bulldogs on the hunt

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Artesia community members are coming together to spread a little joy.

Here’s how to play: Place a Bulldog or other stuff animal or sports/Artesia related item in your window, porch, or yard. As people walk down the streets or go for a drive around town they can “hunt” for these items at houses. Count how many they can see on their journey. Its a fun game that will help parents entertain kids and bring our community together during this crazy time.



Help us spread the word, invite your fellow Bulldog to the group! Let’s have some fun Artesia!

To get involved check out the Facebook group here:

**as you post pictures of your Bulldog spirit please share general area or street. Please do not share exact address.

**Don’t have a bulldog? You can use any stuffed animal, something orange, or something spiritual. Anything to make it fun. Use some poster board and be creative!


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