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New Turf at Bulldog Bowl

The berm surrounding Bulldog Bowl and the field itself looks a bit bare this week before new turf will be placed. Replacing turf at the Bowl is a major operation, and the Bowl has been closed since the end of school to the community as preparation began for the job. Truckloads of turf made its way to the parking lot next to the Sonic Drive-In this week before its scheduled to make the legendary descent into the beloved stadium. The field will receive a new layer of turf and, in addition to field replacement, turf will also be installed around the built-up edges of the Bowl also known as the “berm.”  
Focus staff caught up with Artesia Public Schools Athletic Director Cooper Henderson to learn more about the project. According to the legendary and nationally known Coach Henderson, “Bulldog Bowl will continue to be rated one of the best football stadiums in the state with new turf both on the field and the berms. The new field will only look great but also provide a safe high-quality playing surface. The project will finish just in time to start the 2022 Bulldog football season.” 

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